THE TAP – baricho Rd

I stopped at the entrance , pleasantly surprised! The low lighting, tasteful artwork and vibrant decor all seemed too good to be true. After a week of grinding away in the office, I usually prefer a chilled place to relax and unwind. And this place hit all the right spots! Tucked in the bustling streets […]

Bolt food #Mataam Swahili Ngong Road

Hi guys, Today was quite a long day for me, and I decided to try some swahili dishes. Obviously on Bolt Food! Now I just want to express my huge disappointment on the onset of this blog and to say I absolutely do not recommend the above named place!! 😪 They did me dirty. From […]

Bolt Food #Bürger up

hi guys, One of my girl friends just ordered a burger for me 😍 from Burger up (because I said I don’t have fare to work tomorrow) 😂 and yes I don’t understand how fare and food relate but I am here for it. when I placed the order, I got a call from one […]

Willie – by Maya Angelou

Willie was a man without fameHardly anybody knew his name.Crippled and limping, always walking lame,He said, “I keep on movin’Movin’ just the same.” Solitude was the climate in his headEmptiness was the partner in his bed,Pain echoed in the steps of his tread,He said, “I keep on followin’Where the leaders led.” I may cry and […]

BOLT FOOD REVIEW #1 Maples oven restaurant

26th of August I go to my friends place and she’s eating chapati and meat and no utensils are dirty, obviously I am intrigued. I think we can all agree that dirty utensils aren’t it. So I ask her what’s up and she informs me that she ordered from bolt food, and I head there […]

A Woman Never Tells

Oh, the lessons I could tell and the wisdom I could channel as I approach another birthday, making me all the wiser. Wisdom earned, not through deep regrets or extended bouts of brokenness, but mostly through persistence, purposeful direction, and a healthy dose of Divine intervention. Plenty of blood, sweat, and tears too. I could […]

Bolt food Order #2 Tibz Restaurant

hey guys,welcome back to my world. As my followers know I’ve been sampling out restaurants and thus far the order option has been working out for me. So I decided to explore more than Maples Oven restaurant and that led me to Tibz restaurants. I must say their chapati are MOUTH WATERING! I know I […]

She’s Beautiful.

“She takes the stage, becomes a goddess yet again. “ I eye her everyday, she’s never seen me but i know her.Her smile, her laugh, the way she looks at the camera,How she lies to the crowd, that she’s not nervous,And makes them her audience, how they eat from her palm.They find her voice sweet […]