Taking care of your privates- privately.

Privates. Dirty ones. Menace. Fast Spreading menace.😭 More and more people are complaining about their partners , friends , having a funky smell down there. 😣 Yeah, even y’all boys nodding your heads, y’all got the funky going on. Many people shy away from gynecologists either coz of the fee, stigma, or an attitude. Since […]

SUDDENLY single.😲

Picture this: You are straight from a along term relationship and he was your first maybe.Β  A high school sweetheart for example. Shit happens, as it always does ,and you are single πŸ˜ͺ. Alone. And suddenly. No one to call when the teacher annoys you or when you see an exciting parade pass by. For […]

Fight for love? Wisdom or folly?

Yoohhhh, no greetings! I am laughing af while writing this. Why do some females act dumb sometimes? STOP FIGHTING BITCHES OFF YOUR MAN WHEN HE’S THE ONE ENTERTAINING THEM. Kwani umekuwa hitman Nairobi? My friend, tuliza! Respect your damn self mami! He took himself, he saw the girl approaching, he smiled, she smiled, they danced […]

Scared and scarred. πŸƒ

Scared. 😰 Not sure how to make my way Coz I’m so used to being… Sheltered. It’s like I can’t just expose my feelings And when I have the chance, they get the best of me and I don’t say what I want to say. Arguments. I hate them, but your lies, excuses all that […]