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She’s lying here, right beside me. Fast asleep she is. A smile is written on her face, a warm smile. She is dreaming, she has to be dreaming. But I am afraid, afraid I’m not in her dream. I am scared, scared I’m not the reason she is smiling. I…


I wonder how we got it so wrong,  where was the fork in the road  that divided us?  where you went one way  and I the other,  to be a stranger to the one  you bore your soul  to is beyond sad,  it’s devastation  without quarter  and I mourn  with what’s left of me until  […]


I feel an emptiness  in my veins where you  used to be.       I wake from soundless dreams  your laugh echoing in my mind  I listen to songs dedicated to you  and songs  dedicated to me       There is a void in    victimless shame    but you are the victim here  I […]

Hdt #2. The dream man. 

Hey guys so for those who aren’t in the know hdt stands for her diary tales. And these numbered blog posts are stories or feelings from a close pals diary.  …•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…•…• I’ve been single for a couple months now. Okay who I’m I kidding for years. 2 to be precise. And during that time 😂 […]

Should I quit school ?

Why lie , it’s tiring.  The whole process of trying to understand school. Gah! I mean, hey, lately all people are talking about is how NOT important these school papers are.  The very thought of being trapped in a never ending cycle of debt and earning pay that can’t help me survive is scary enough […]

Her diary tales #1

Hey guys so a pal of mine requested that  I be writing her diary tales Here. She feels it’s safer coz she’s on dark soul 😂 her words not mine and I figured why not. Figured it was an awesome way to stay on toes. Maybe I’ll post some of my diary tales too (you […]