Jack of all trades…

You’re smart. Talented in many things. Hardworking and with major drive. Having bright ideas and knowing exactly how to execute each one. But you’re still not rich. Let alone rich, none of your ideas is making you even a coin. Why? Because clutter. Because to successfully carve a rock you need consistent labor. Because you […]

General reviews

Hmm so I’ve been getting a couple of interesting reviews The last blog was too short, I should post more often, I should do hella controversial topics, I should stick to what I’m doing , Hehe it’s kinda hard to satisfy everyone. But don’t worry ♥ what I write here is things that have jumped […]

Men… And lying about who they slept with

Today’s blog was inspired by a couple of kalulus who love me to death and can’t do without me Coz I’m awesome. Yah, das me! 😎🔥 In this episode we discuss why Most (notice the quantifier) niggars ain’t shit. As you know I don’t support any particular gender, apart from women and children of course […]

Sotally Tober #2. Mojito

This is one of the most classic inventions ever. It originates from Cuba. Popular summer drink. Best served on the rocks. Ingredients 2 parts Bacardi Carta Blanca or any white Rum ½ fresh lime 6 fresh mint leaves 2 heaped bar spoons of sugar Soda water Cubed ice Crushed ice To Garnish: Sprig of Fresh […]